About Us

Julian and Cheryl formed Metres to Miles on the High Street in Epworth back in 2009. The focus from day one has been on providing expert shoe fitting and sharing advice from many years of running.  It’s in the name too – if you run (or walk) metres or miles, our experience is shared with everyone.

Julian worked in ‘running’ for a leading sportswear brand and his technical training and product knowledge is shared with all the staff at the store.

From the first days, Julian sourced products from all the leading technical brands in running. Shoes, clothing, accessories, technical gadgets. There are many innovations, just like in any industry. And some brands innovate, some don’t. One of the challenges in managing the store – just like in running is keeping a pace and moving with the times.

In the 10 years of running the store - how things have changed. The internet, Facebook and Social Media, Parkrun and Couch to 5k are some big changes that have shaped our business and the store in Epworth. But key, has been the growth in fitness and running. We can all see that there are more people running (and walking_ than ever before).

In 2014 the store moved around the corner in to new premises in Mayfair Court, Epworth. The new premises enhanced the footwear fitting experience, with staff now utilising the private runway outside the store as well as the instore treadmill analysis.

In 2017, Epworth welcomed return of a bike shop in the town. J’s Cycle Shack opened around the corner from the store in partnership with local cycling legend Kev Dawson. The stores close proximity and triathlon focus provides a perfect fit for working together.

This is our new website – another development. The site will give you a feel for what we are about and the services we offer to runners and anyone moving to keep fit.