1000 Mile Compression Sock

1000 Mile Compression Sock

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Graduated compression accelerates blood circulation, aiding muscle recovery and reducing toxins.

The 1000 Mile Compression socks work by reducing the build up of lactic acid in the lower leg.  By accelerating blood circulation and preventing muscle oscillation this minimises muscle fatigue and soreness.  With the added blood flow in the lower legs it enables faster muscle recovery after exercise or injury.

We use graduated compression technology in our compression socks. By using elastic in the calf section it produces a decreasing degree of pressure from the sock.  This improves circulation to move old blood out and new oxygenated blood into the region.

The arch and ankle bracing give additional support on the foot. With the padded heel, ball and toe zones giving additional comfort during wear.

We’ve even added an ultra flat toe seam and fitted heel for a custom fit.


Made using Tactel yarns.

What is Tactel®…?

Soft, light and surprisingly strong.  A dynamic, speciality fibre, Tactel® garments are soft, supple, smooth, breathable and lightweight.  According to testing Tactel® fibre is at least twice as soft and 20% lighter than most other fibres.  It also dries 8 times faster than cotton.  With its soft feel, moisture wicking and quick drying properties this yarn is the perfect yarn to line our socks helping to keep the feet cool and dry during activity.