Ultimate Performance Run and Recovery Compression Socks

Ultimate Performance Run and Recovery Compression Socks

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ltimate Performance Run and Recovery Compression Socks

Formerly known as the 1000 Mile Compression Sock, now rebranded as the UP Run & Recovery Compression Sock. This continues to be our best selling compression sock. 

The UP Brand owned by 1000 Mile socks is recognised in the sports/medical industry as a leading brand. 

Long periods of exercise causes lactic acid to build up in the muscles, resulting in fatigue, stiffness and sometimes even injury. The Ultimate Performance Run and Recovery Compression Socks help keep your muscles in peak condition by reducing lactic acid and accelerating blood flow for quick post-workout recovery.

The gradual compression of the Run and Recovery Compression Socks makes them ideal for use while exercising. They work primarily to delay fatigue and prevent injury, but they can also aid in the recovery of some foot injuries and conditions, such as:

  • Plantar fasciitis 
  • Bruised heels
  • Heel spurs
  • Minor ankle sprains

Graduated Compression

Designed to slowly compress the calf muscles during exercise, the Ultimate Performance Compression Socks accelerate blood circulation to reduce the build-up of lactic acid. This lessens stiffness and fatigue, which decreases the risk of pulling a muscle so you can maintain your active lifestyle.

Arch Bracing

With ergonomic lining along the arch of the foot, the Ultimate Compression Socks helps support weak arches. This alleviates pain caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, which can be a huge detriment to athletic performance.

Ankle Support

Cushioned padding around the ankle keeps it supported and compressed to alleviate pain caused mild sprains and instability. The padding also keeps the anklebone protected from any nasty knocks it might suffer during sporting competitions.

Absorbs Shock

The compression socks also feature padding in other areas of the foot to provide additional comfort and shock absorption. Located in the toe, ball of foot and heel zones, the padding prevents muscle oscillation caused by impact reverberations when running.

Sizing of the Ultimate Performance Compression Socks

The Ultimate Performance Compression Socks are available in four size. To find which size you need, please consult the table below. 

Sock Size UK Shoe Size EU Shoe Size
Small Size 3 - 5.5 Size 35.5 - 38.5
Medium Size 6 - 8.5 Size 39 - 42.5
Large Size 9 - 11.5 Size 43 - 46.5
Extra Large Size 12 - 14 Size 47 - 49