Rehband RX Kinesiology Tape

Rehband RX Kinesiology Tape

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Product description Rehband RX Kinesiology Tape

With Rx Kinesiology Tape you may discover a better receptive input, allowing you to perform better, with better and more exact movement and coordination.

Applying the tape couldn´t be easier, as you fasten the middle of the tape at the designated area, while stretching the two ends 50% more than at its original state. The Rx Kinesiology Tape then lifts the skin to provide the right effect to improve your performance.

With a long history within sports Rehband is the brand that from the very start has worked and developed products in co-operation with athletes. For us, the athletes´ input and wishes create the foundation for our products. Our tape is no different, where some of the world´s fittest athletes have helped us engineer a Kinesiology tape.

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