Runners Rub

Runners Rub

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For all the positives of running, there are the inevitable downsides and ‘side effects’ of the sport. One of which is chafing (a runners’ rub!) – it’s not pleasant, can be painful and it’s something that most of us has experienced at one time.

It’s not an unusual sight to see runners liberally applying a certain petroleum jelly to their hot spots at the start of races. But this isn’t necessary the most skin-friendly of solutions.

Seeing a gap in the market for a natural skin balm for runners, Leaping Fish devised Runners Rub, a blend of natural plant waxes and oils, designed to reduce chafing and blisters.

About Runners Rub

Runners Rub is a natural, environmentally friendly skin balm for runners who suffer from chafing and blisters when training and competing. Produced in Dorset by Leaping Fish Ltd, the company specialises in producing solutions to the problems of friction and abrasion in sports and other activities, with an ethos of keeping the balms as simple and natural as possible.

Made from quality plant oils and waxes, the essential oils of bergamot, sweet marjoram and star anise provide benefits, such as antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, to keep the skin clean and healthy. The balm works by forming a light layer on the skin allowing it to breathe while reducing chafing. It prevents salts and the by-products of sweat and perspiration from making skin soreness worse. It can also be used to help other consequences of sports activities, including soothing chapped and cracked hands, as well as easing dry skin, and has the added benefit of a great fresh smell from the essential oils.

Runners Rub can be used under and over socks in shoes to reduce the shear effect on the skin, which results in blisters; under clothing such as sports underwear; or to prevent rubbing from backpacks and hydration packs during endurance events. It be used post-event to protect abraded skin from further rubbing by clothing.