Online Gait Assessments

Our instore analysis and shoe fitting is what we pride ourselves on and have developed over almost 12 years in our Epworth store.

We know our shoes – inside out, upside down and how they run! We all know running too and it’s why people “run to us" when they need some shoes.

So when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we moved our assessment service online and spent hundreds of hours fitting existing and new customers in a new way. During the early weeks, we streamlined the service and now have a procedure which, with a little help from you – will get you out and running in the perfect shoe for you.

So here’s where our Online Gait Assessment fits in (pardon the pun).

Follow these SIMPLE STEPS and we will perform a virtual gait assessment

and fitting.

Email the following to


 Make a note too on the following;

Injury history or niggling injuries

Surfaces you mostly run on

Approximately how many miles you typically run in a week.

Your UK shoe size and current model of running shoe – if you know.

If you have a smart phone to capture footage (15 secs approx) of you running - send this along with the above.

Please include your contact telephone number &/or email address.


Once Julian has assessed the information, he will be in touch via telephone to ask any further information that may be required and then talk through the shoe selections and the reasons those shoes have been chosen for you, process your order and have your shoes dispatched to you - postage free.

Many Thanks