Shoe Fit

In store at Epworth

Motion Capture Video Analysis

Shoe Fitting for the Way YOU RUN

Let us walk (or run) you through our fitting process at Metres to Miles – so you can hit the road with the right pair of shoes.

Step 1: Analyse Your Shoe Wear and the Wearer  

We will take a look at your shoes. It’s not essential – but if you have a pair of running shoes you’ve been wearing then bring them along to the store with you. We will have a look at general wear around the shoe, at the upper and how the cushioning may have broken down. We get to know a bit about you and what exercise you are doing/planning and ask about any history of injuries.


Step 2: Shape and Size

We will then look at your feet to measure and size you up. We will consider more than the length, but also the height of your arch, width of your feet and general shape to match some shoes.


Step 3: Walking Unsupported 


We typically ask you to walk or jog unsupported without wearing any shoes (just socks). We like to see your feet in the most natural state to analyse your movement. We use our treadmill in store for this or you can walk across the floor in store.


Step 4: Select some Shoes

We carry many shoes in store. Many customers will try 4 or 5 shoes (some more). They come in all different sizes, widths, densities of cushioning, levels of support, varying heel to toe drops. They all feel different – even unique in their own way. Our selection is based on the measurements and movement analysis. You can choose the shoes to try.


Step 5: Gait Analysis with Motion Capture Software

We will watch you run in each pair of shoes and analyse how they perform on your feet. You can do this on our treadmill in store or on the runway adjacent to the store. We have computer software which we use to capture your movement and replay in slow motion for analysis.  At this point we often advise on running form, which along with comfort (and sometimes colour) can help you with your choice.


Step 6: Your Selection

Try your selection and make your choice. Happy Running!