Brooks Caldera 7 Men's Trail Running Shoes Victoria Blue/Black/Spring Bud
Brooks Caldera 7 Men's Trail Running Shoes Victoria Blue/Black/Spring Bud

Brooks Caldera 7 Men's Trail Running Shoes Victoria Blue/Black/Spring Bud

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Delivering long-haul comfort for lengthy trail runs, the Caldera 7 trail running shoe combines premium cushioning with a durable, dynamic feel for a stable ride on varied terrain.

TPEE Air Mesh Upper

The Brooks Caldera 7 features a TPEE air mesh upper for maximum ventilation, drainage, and abrasion protection. The mesh helps keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable by actively and efficiently wicking away the build-up of excess sweat and moisture. Additionally, cool air is encouraged to circulate, creating a drier, healthier environment for your feet to thrive as you strive for optimal results and performance. Furthermore, the reinforced mesh strategically contributes an ideal amount of flexibility and structure to maintain comfort without sacrificing performance. A protector is integrated at the heel for added support and stability to offer a more durable, protective feel to the upper. The padded tongue sits comfortably against the skin as well as guarding against friction and irritation such as chafing and completing the upper is a traditional lacing system which ensures a secure, locked-in feel.

DNA Loft v3 Midsole

The DNA Loft v3 midsole is a cushioning technology that is soft and comfortable. It carries the footwell and even moulds itself to the shape of the underfoot, allowing the platform to fully support the curvature of the underfoot. The Caldera Trail Shoe has been designed with DNA Loft v3, Brooks' super soft cushioning that has been infused with nitrogen to be as soft, light and durable as possible. Having the cushioning and support helps to lessen the impact placed upon your joints as well as attenuating shock, minimising the potential risk of injury or discomfort. The plush midfoot transition zone is designed to propel your movements from the heel to toe, to maintain the most efficient gait possible for a smoother ride.

TrailTack Green Rubber Outsole

The TrailTack Green Rubber outsole and high surface-area lugs provide outstanding uphill and downhill traction - even on wet surfaces. The durable, resilient non-skid rubber delivers optimal grip and traction, ideal for technical trails where unpredictable terrain is highly prevalent and is made of 25% recycled material. Having the enhanced grip and traction will allow you to run with comfort and confidence, even on varying terrain or up and down hills.