Flow Mini Massage Gun
Flow Mini Massage Gun
Flow Mini Massage Gun

Flow Mini Massage Gun

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The massage gun uses neuromuscular vibration therapy (i.e. rapid, pulsating blows in a concentrated area) to treat the myofascial tissue and increase blood flow in the tissue. The tool is ingenious for self-massage, as a tool for the physiotherapist / therapist and is aimed at both the private consumer and the professional athlete.

If you train or have muscle soreness, then with Flow MINI you can go through the body and loosen up in 5 minutes. 5 minutes quality time for your body and your well-being.

If you work daily to improve your range of motion - both with exercises, but also through the use of the Flow MINI massage gun , you will be able to experience greater freedom of movement. It can mean a lot to your quality of life that your body is not limited in its movement. For the exerciser and the athlete, better movement will also be super good, as it can open up more opportunities to deliver top performance within a given sport / form of exercise.  

Facts about Flow MINI Massage Gun 

  • 4 different, replaceable heads (hammer, fork, ball and bullet-shaped)
  • 4 speeds / mode: Relax 1800 rpm @ 30 Hz, Refresh 2400 rpm @ 40 Hz, Recharge 3200 rpm @ 53 Hz and FlowWave L1 to L3
  • Up to 10 mm oscillations
  • Storage bag
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • A / C charger (Wall charger)
  • Low noise (60-65 decibels - currently among the least noisy on the market)
  • Super light (just about 800 grams) and really robust
  • Long battery life (approx. 3 hours use)
  • 1 year warranty